With limited 2 bedroom units left in Northwave EC, it’s very important to find out the reasons why buying into Northwave EC and Woodlands is so special now compared to the past.


Here are the 3 reasons why should you buy Northwave EC’s 2 Bedrooms!

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1) They are 20-30% Cheaper than nearby Private Condos (10 years old and below)

Just one look over all the property portals, you will be able to find many 2 bedrooms listings on Resale Private Condos around Woodlands area. Sizes ranged from 600+ sqft to 1000 sqft.. But we have to consider the age and build condition of these condominiums in order to compare with Northwave EC’s 2 bedrooms.

Many Private Condos in Woodlands are more than 10 years old.. Even the 2 ECs convert to Private condos (Northoaks and Woodsvale) are both built since 2000! And with a 99 – 17 years leasehold disadvantage, the tendency of buyers buying over is unlikely compared to newer built condos nearby..

Thus Parc Rosewood is the best comparison as it is completed within the 10 years mark.. A typical 2 bedroom unit is asking for $750,000 now. It has a common and master bedroom but it only has 1 toilet shared between the 2 rooms..

Whereas for Northwave EC’s 2 bedrooms unit, it has 2 proper bathrooms for the common and master bedroom! What’s more, it is selling from $491,000 upwards! So in perspective it is close to a $250,000 difference from the nearby private condominium!


2) They are within the Woodlands Future Transformation Zone

Missed the chance to buy into Jurong before the Price Hike? Here’s your next and maybe the last chance to benefit from the Capital Appreciation of what a Regional Centre can bring to your property.

Woodlands will be the 3rd Regional Centre after Tampines and Jurong East. It will be the connection between Johor and Singapore Via the Thomson Line MRT (opens by phase in 2019) and it will have almost all what Jurong is having right now..

A new hospital will be built and managed by Alexandra Health (similar to the one in Jurong) and we will have our very own Innovation District cum Business Park beside the new Woodlands North MRT Station. Many more shopping malls will be springing up soon after the Thomson MRT line is completed and the upcoming commercial building (Woodsquare) is built by one of the most prominent developer in Singapore, Far East Organisation.

Transportation is very important to not jam up an area while it is under-going an upgrading. The North-South corridor is one of the initiative by the Government to ease the traffic by building an alternate expressway running parallel to CTE and ends at ECP. This new expressway is going to be a big boost as traveling time will be shorten drastically in the future. (see picture below)

Northsouth corridor

3) They are among the most affordable 2 bedrooms compared to other ECs

Comparing the nearby ECs in Sembawang will highlight how affordable is Northwave EC’s 2 bedrooms are.


As of 2nd March 2017,
For Visionaire: Current cheapest 2 bedrooms, $599,000
For Brownstone: Current cheapest 2 bedrooms, $627,200
For Criterion: Current cheapest 2 bedrooms, $560,000
For Northwave: Current cheapest 2 bedrooms, $542,450

Current Sold units for Northwave EC

  • 2 Bedrooms Type B1 (3 Left) 81%
  • 2 Bedrooms Type B2 (14 left) 55%

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