Some too Huge and Some too Small, but all in a good way..

Many has seen The Northwave EC’s floorplan but might be confused on how they differ to other executive condos in the market right now.. Below will be our first look on the floorplan designs:

1) Common Bedrooms sizes

Very close to 8 sqm per room and it can fit in a queen sized bed with ease. Compared to forestville, which most common rooms are only 7-7.77 sqm, this is a very big upgrade and its also the same size as Bellewoods EC currently.

2) Don’t Like Balcony?

Northwave EC’s 3 Bedroom type (C1) caters to this group of people. Although theres only one stack available, it does give a good size kitchen plus 2x 8sqm common bedroom and a very comfortable Master room! Imagine a 893 sqft unit without balcony!

The Northwave EC Floorplans 3 bedroom C1

The Northwave EC Floorplans 3 bedroom C1

3) Glass wall design.

From C1 – C4, 3 Bedrooms, all kitchens have a “see-through glass wall” to the dining area. This feature is usually for bigger and premium units in other developments but they are included in Northwave’s smaller sized 3 Bedrooms even!

4) No utility? No problem!

As many have noticed, there are no utility room for all Bedroom types in Northwave EC, however there is a big “indoor” yard beside the kitchen instead. I would guess this can give residents some customisation choices in the future to whether they want to convert them to a enclosed utility room or make it open for daily laundry chores.

Northwave ec floorplans

The Northwave EC floorplans 3 Bedrooms C5

5) The Unique “L”.

Its hard to overlook the very unique “L” shaped balcony design in the bigger room units (C5 and above). They have dual balcony doors to open the 2 sided balconies in the living hall. This design allows much daylight to enter the living hall and it will create a very spacious look with only 2 walls in the living hall and the other 2 sides are openable doors.

6) 2 Entrances??

From type C5 onwards, owners now have 2 main doors. Yes! Similar to some private condos, one has to enter the 1st main entrance and will step right into a foyer before there’s another door to enter to the living hall. Whats so special about this design is that it allows more stuffs to be placed near the entrance instead of stuffing them in the storeroom. Things like bicycles, pots and plants, shoes and maybe even pets.. So residents with this layout has the luxury of space to store items within the safety of your home without compromising the space inside the unit itself!

7) Huge Master Room 

The Northwave EC caters a Huge Master room for all the residents! Most of them can even fit in 2x King sized beds side by side! In our only 4 bedroom type (D1), the master room wardrobe is so huge that no wife is able to say wardrobe space is not enough again! It is a minimum 2.4m long from end to end!

The Northwave EC Floorplans 4 bedrooms D1

The Northwave EC Floorplans 4 bedrooms D1

8) Not so big “air-con ledges”

Not all things have grown in size in Northwave EC, one particular area that shrinks significantly is the highly unwanted “air-con ledges”. Usually you will see gigantic air-con ledges in the bigger units to so called fit in the many air-con compressors when TOP.. But you don’t find them in Northwave units! Some units have air-con ledges so small that you will wonder is it enough to place in all the air-con compressors or not!

9) Awesome Penthouse Designs

And by saying “Huge” is not enough when mentioning about Northwave’s Penthouses! Many have a huge junior master room (with attached bathroom of course), a huge yard to do laundry and super huge living hall with dry kitchen! Most of our penthouses also have a huge master room and also a very long walk-in wardrobe for the queen of the house! I would say space is very well planned out by Design Link Architects in Northwave EC!

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