Northwave EC Showflat Interior

With much anticipation, our agents flocked to take a look at the huge Northwave EC showflat units last week. Many are convinced that the unique design, spacious bedrooms and active facilities will be the main draw of the buyers next week. The ID is tastefully done and even with all the structure walls and windows installed, the showflat still looks huge..
So.. how does Northwave Showflat looks like? We have some leaked artist impressions to show you..
Northwave EC Showflat Master room

Northwave EC Showflat Master room


Northwave EC Showflat Living Hall

Northwave EC Showflat Living Hall

As you can from these 2 images, it’s almost 100% equal to the showflat unit that you will be seeing this coming 25th June. We do however have the floorplans and brochures now and we can be reached at the white tentage outside the showflat to show you the details of the development first.
Please call 9387 7438 for a non-obligated visit at our show gallery (beside the showflat) at woodlands view now!
source: MCC website


Want to see the Showflat first?

Come to Visit Us this Wednesday 22nd June for a Sneak Preview Talk by Northwave CEO!

Starting from 9am – 12pm.
Please Contact 9387 7438 for RSVP!