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We have returned to the Northwave EC Showflat Today! With the much anticipation of this amazing EC coming to launch this 25th June 2016, many of our colleagues are eager to see the 2x “Products” from Northwave EC soon. Waited patiently to enter to the small but yet beautiful showflat, it sure brings in the Excitement when the launch date draws near!
The usual surrender of our phones before entering is still ongoing but it does add to the suspense for those who came for the first time today. Our project IC, Kelvin Tan, address the 50+ agent crowd on the location advantage, overall site facilities and the unique selling points for Northwave EC.
Northwave EC Showflat Logo

Northwave EC Showflat Logo

After the detailed brief, the 8 Group Leaders are introduced. Including myself, we have to make sure our agents can recognise who to look out for if they need help during the E-app period (from 25th June – 6th July). Then the crowd is divided into 2 groups to visit either the 3 bedrooms below or the 4 bedrooms above..
I have the honour to be taking charge (with my fellow GLs) of the brief for the 4 bedrooms at level 2. And right after the agents have gathered, we proceed to understand the key highlights of Northwave’s 4 bedroom unit.

Here are 7 Main Features for Type D1,
4 Bedrooms (1270 sqft):

The Northwave EC Floorplans 4br D1

The Northwave EC Floorplans 4br D1

1) Dual Entrances from Main door to Living hall

– Similar to the concept behind Clover by the Park in Bishan, Northwave 4 bedrooms have the Identical Dual Doors structure. This enables the residents to place their important items within the unit, but yet not “inside” the unit. What do i mean by that? Many of us have bicycles, lots of shoes and even pets, these are the items that we want to secure within the house but we don’t want them to occupy much of our living hall or store room spaces.

So Northwave EC caters this concept layout to allow those buyers who have outdoors stuffs to be placed at the foyer area and have an ease of mind that these items are well secured.

2) Wide frontage view due to the L-shaped balcony

– The Powder coated Aluminium Bi-fold Doors are able to opened fully and folded into the 2 corners of the balcony. This makes the whole Living Hall brighter and very spacious (esp for gatherings) as there’s only the kitchen wall and TV wall left. It’s one of the few unique features in Northwave EC that contributes to a lifestyle upgrade from the traditional sliding aluminium doors.

3) Tall kitchen Ceiling height

– With the same height as the Living Hall Ceiling, Northwave’s kitchen looks surprisingly taller due the clever allocation of the pipings, which usually lowers the kitchen ceiling height in other developments. At 2.75m in height, buyers can choose not to install downlights and can opt for the standard Ceiling light instead for the brighter lighting it gives.

4) Gigantic Yard + Storage

– The Utility room is absent in Northwave EC, they give a Big Yard instead. We guess the reason is to allow the residents to choose what they want to do with their yard spaces when they moved it. As not all residents hire a helper, the extra Yard space can be used as other storage purposes. And even if they do hire one, the helper will have ample space to rest in and with easier access to the laundry and kitchen area for their daily chores.

5) Soft closing wardrobe systems

– Say goodbye to those unwanted door slamming noises as the developer has made all the wardrobe doors to be “Anti-Slammed”. They are especially helpful when you have infants at home and it’s this little thoughtfulness really sets Northwave EC apart from the rest.

6) Common room sizes from 8.1-8.6 sqm

– QUEEN SIZE QUEEN SIZE!! Can your room fit in a Queen Sized Bed? And Yes, almost all the Northwave EC’s Common Bedrooms are able to fit in a Queen sized bed with ease. Size varies from 8.1 to 8.6 square metres and they comes with laminate flooring for all the bedrooms.

7) Huge wardrobe for 4 bedroom Master room

– A typical Master room wardrobe is about 1.5m – 1.8m long.. But Northwave EC’s 4 Bedroom Wardrobe has a length of 2.4-2.6m!! It stretches from the bathroom wall all the way to the back of the bedside wall. Thanks to this huge wardrobe space, our kids can have their own wardrobe space for themselves finally.. You know what i mean right? Ladies? :p


Northwave EC siteplan Square

Northwave EC Site plan

Right after the 4 Bedrooms surprise,

we proceed to the 3 Bedrooms unit below which is a Type C2 (990 sqft) unit. It may look small in the overall size but don’t let the numbers fool you, the interior are very Well utilised! And all the 3 Bedrooms Compact (C1-C4) are facing outwards towards either the Seagate building, or towards Woodlands ave 12 which they enjoy the rare unblock view.
These perks are usually reserved for the Bigger, more premium units, but this time round its the smaller units which are getting the Upgrade. It may be the only EC in Woodlands that has an “Unblocked VIEW” and potentially unblocked forever! We will discuss more in our next post, the “Design” of Northwave EC.

Here are the 7 Main Features for Type C2,
3 Bedrooms (990 sqft):

The Northwave EC Floorplans 3br C2

The Northwave EC Floorplans 3br C2

1) Seperate Dining Hall to Living Hall

– I call them “HDB” living hall. The reason is almost all newer BTOs in Singapore as having the same living and dining hall design which is similar to our 3 bedrooms type C1-C4. There will be a wall behind the sofa and also the dining table. However Northwave 3 Bedrooms difference is the main door is not facing the windows, it is facing the dining wall instead.

Why is it important? Some fengshui fans are pretty particular on the main door facing and one of the no-go is having it facing the kitchen or the windows (for our case is the balcony). So rest assured fengshui, we got you covered. 🙂

2) See-through glass wall from Kitchen to Dining Hall

– Usually this feature only appear in bigger and premium units but in Northwave EC, the compact 3 bedrooms are stealing the show by having these see-through glass wall in all 4 Types of 3 bedrooms! It can be useful when one is cooking and wanting to monitor their kids in the living hall.. A plus for families! And last check, even the 2 bedrooms (Type B2) have the see-through glass too!

3) Tall kitchen Ceiling height

– Same as the 4 Bedrooms, a tall 2.75m in height.

4) Spacious Kitchen & Plenty of Storage Cabinets

– Kitchen sizes has always been small in compact 3 bedrooms below 1000 sqft. In Northwave EC our kitchens are wider than usual kitchen’s widths and are slightly longer also. They do not have the big yard like their Bigger counterparts but they are still able to handle up to 6-8 people preparing food at one go. Kudos to cooking parents!

5) Soft closing wardrobe systems

– A common yet rare feature throughout the entire development.

6) Common room sizes from 8.1-8.5 sqm

– With this size you are able to even put in a single bed with a built-in suspended study desk!

7) Small Bedside window for Cross-ventilation in Master room

– Having one set of windows in the Master room is a Norm but to add a smaller window at the bedside wall raise the reason on why is it there for? Our guess will be having the ability to have Cross-ventilation within the room when both windows are opened. Air breeze can only flow inwards when there’s an outlet for it to flow out to.. So this little feature might just make the room cooler!

And that’s all i have for my 2 parts “Sneak Preview of Northwave EC Showflat”.. Thanks for your time reading and hope you benefitted a little. Share the knowledge if you think its worthy and see you soon in my next post!

If you haven’t read my Part 1 Post, here’s the link

See All the Floorplans & Site plan Here

Nested right beside the Upcoming North-south expressway, the Northwave EC is catering great alternative convenience to it’s residents who are travelling to the City area.

Call us at 9387 7438 to register for the 25th june E-app Period!